Wednesday: Is a mother’s loyalty to her family what is keeping her from reaching her career goals?

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This week’s Q&A is about women’s loyalty to their family. We asked business expert Zoe Goode:

Is a mother’s loyalty to her family what is keeping her from reaching her career goals?

zoe goode“Yes and no, but mostly no.

In my opinion, what’s really keeping her from reaching her career goals are two things. The first is her deep lack of self-knowledge and understanding of what it is she truly desires, beyond the overriding expectations of society and ‘normalcy’.

The second is, having then gotten that understanding, she lacks the courage, confidence, and conviction to stand by her desires, and live authentically and with integrity in whatever way fills her with joy and fulfillment.

We spend too much time in our lives worrying about what we ‘should’ do and what others think, rather than doing what we can uniquely do to make a positive impact in the world.

And if that thing we do that impacts the world ‘just happens’ to be staying at home to raise kids, which could then go on to become the pioneers who save the world, then so be it.

Or, if it happens to be the inverse, where WE are the ones going out to do some pioneering ourselves, while a loved and trusted parter who is more suited to the role cares for the children (whether that be the other parent, a friend, family member, teacher, childcare provider or nanny bought and paid for), so long as everyone’s best and highest good is being taken care of – who the hell cares?!”


As a Soul Psychologist, Scientific Hand Analyst, and Bold Soul based business strategist and designer Zoe works intimately with soul-centered women entrepreneurs to finally get clear on how to turn those heart cravings and soul deep callings into a life and business that not only fills their bank account but their heart with joy too. You can find her online at www.zoegoode.com, on Twitter, and on Facebook, as well.



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