Who is Karla With A Kay?

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Kar·la [kahr-luh]
Karla is a name of German origin. It is translated to mean “Strong and Womanly”.

Our Vision

Karlawithakay.com is an online lifestyle magazine for active, multi-passionate, socially conscious women living in urban, metropolitan cities in the United States. Every week, we feature articles in the areas of Beauty, Fashion, Entrepreneurship, Music, Healthy Living, Personal Development, Community Activism, Social Justice, and Money Matters that are relevant to the newly empowered, independent woman.

Our Mission

The Mission of Karla With a Kay is to promote a message of love, empowerment, support, compassion, and the celebration of women and all the things that make us so fabulous. We accomplish that mission by featuring women on our website who embrace their individuality and live their purpose. We talk about topics that are relevant to the woman of the new millennium, such as healthy eating and lifestyle, dating and relationships, personal development, careers and entrepreneurship, arts and culture, music and fashion, beauty, and local and worldwide social issues.

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A Message From Our Founder and CEO


We BELIEVE in humanity.

We BELIEVE in sisterhood.

BELIEVE in music.

BELIEVE in communication, culture, and community.


I BELIEVE in you, and I thank you for believing in me. I could NOT ask for anything more.

I don’t expect this venture to be huge or perfect at the start, but I do hope that it will unite, encourage, enlighten, and spread love within our community.

I trust that together, one day, we will watch it grow into a beautiful social entity, serving its purpose on a larger scale.

This magazine is my heart, thoughts and soul manifested.

What you see here is not just the culmination of my own effort, but the collective effort of my incredibly talented team, MY STARS. They put in the time, hard work, and laughs that made this all happen.

To our Extended Karlawithakay family – GBO, Voodoo Ray, Miopuma, and WAXTHEDUCK, just to name a few… Thank you sincerely.  

Just Blaze, thanks for the name… your 20 percent is in the mail!

Lastly, I want to say thank you to our subscribers. All of the positive and inspirational feedback we have gotten from you has kept us pushing.

ME? I’m just happy to be here!

Faith goes a long way…


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