Q&A Wednesday: Why do women feel like they need validation?

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This week’s Q&A is about relationships, so we asked relationship coach Sarah Franklin:

Why do women often feel like they need validation from others in order to measure their goodness/badness, feel justified or vindicated when they are in a relationship?

Sarah FranklinWomen feel like they need validation from others because they aren’t owning their awesomeness. Deep down they worry that if a man (or partner, friend, etc.) saw them for who they REALLY are, it wouldn’t be good enough… and that would suck. It would hurt. On the other hand, when a woman feels confident on a soul level (like, nothing anyone could say or do would affect her b/c she know’s she’s got it going on), then she doesn’t need to seek love or acceptance or validation from anyone. She can just be who she is and she’s cool with that.

I think if you are truly in alignment with yourself and feel good about who you are, you don’t need validation from anyone.”


Sarah Franklin is an Intuitive Love Guru who helps single women accept and love themselves so they can be a magnet for the right man. When she’s not coaching or offering sage advice, she’s hanging out at sarahefranklin.com.





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