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Q & A Wednesday: My home is a mess! Where do I start?

Women nowadays are doing big things – running companies, leading countries, and making a difference in the world. That doesn’t leave much time for keeping a perfectly pristine home. Most women are content with a little clutter here and there, but what…

Q&A Wednesday: How do I know when a relationship isn’t right for me?

Well, folks… summer’s over and cuffing season is almost upon us. The ladies over at KwaK are no strangers to the ups and downs of new relationships, and sometimes it’s hard to tell whether to stick it out or move…

Q&A Wednesday: Why should I care about Medicare?

When you hear the term “Medicare,” the first thing that most people think of are old people, but there is a lot more to Medicare than what you see in those commercials, and it can be of particular interest to…

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