Q&A Wednesday: Does modern women’s independence make us attractive or intimidating?

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This week’s Q&A is about women owning their power. We asked CEO Jenny Powers:

Does modern women’s independence make us attractive or intimidating?

jenny powers“An independent woman is sexier than any little black dress and stilettos out there. I say, “Get up, dress up, show up and never give up” until you are the women you’re meant to be.

By doing that, you will attract other confident, successful people to your tribe and lift you even higher than you thought possible.

Confidence begets confidence. If people find you intimidating, that’s their issue, not yours. People that find you intimidating could probably use a dash of confidence themselves. And remember being intimidating isn’t always a bad thing!

What’s not attractive about a woman striving to be the best she can be?”


Jenny Powers is the CEO of Running With Heels, an invitation-only monthly dinner party series in New York City for women executives and entrepreneurs. Jenny launched Running With Heels in 2012 because she was determined to create a better way for working women to network. For a future invite, please visit www.Running-With-Heels.com and visit the JOIN page. You can also keep up with what’s new on their Facebook page.



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