Q&A Wednesday: Where does women’s obsession with weight & appearance come from?

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This week’s Q&A is about women’s obsession with their looks. We asked mindset expert Quigley Fennon:

There are many women who are obsessed over their weight and appearance… where does this obsession really stem from?

quigley fennon“Women (and girls) are encouraged by our society to obsess over their weight and appearance. This keeps us feeling “bad” about ourselves. As long as women feel “not good enough” and even “bad” about how much they weigh and what they look like, they will feel okay to buy things to make them look better. How much of our hard earned cash are we wasting in effort to feel better about ourselves!?!

What if you could feel completely okay with yourself? Just for the next 10 minutes? How good does that feel deep inside? What if you focused on five good things about yourself, rather than 2 things that weren’t your favorite? For a whole day? A week? A month? A year?

Imagine what it would feel like to look at yourself and LOVE you for being exactly who you are (not to mention the money that you would save!).

Imagine walking by that shop, glancing at your reflection (come on, we all do it), and thinking, “Damn! I’m lookin’ and feeling GOOD!”

Do it today (c’mon, I dare ya). Find one thing that you LOVE about yourself, be it your fabulous figure, or your pinky fingernail, and LOVE that ALL DAY LONG… anytime the negativity creeps, in FOCUS on that bit that you LOVE.

Love yourself right now! I dare you.”


Quigley Ashton is an Intuitive Mindset Coach who helps truthseekers find their inner strength and connect with happy in all aspects of life. When she’s not coaching, she’s posting inspirations on Facebook at Quigley Quigley or Instagram  @QuigleyQuigley or blogging at http://quigleyquigley.com.au/.




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