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Five for Finding: The Evil Eye

We are, every one of us, mothers to an unruly family: the members of a collectively-mismatched but individually-cherished brood of children who comprise our jewelry box. Feather earrings–the free-spirited daughter, barefoot, running through a hydrant on a summer day. A…

Five for Finding: The Fluorescent Highlighter

Back before Adderall–when “Monster” wasn’t an energy drink but a creature hiding under your bed, when Starbucks better known for its perverse, bare-breasted mermaid logo than coffee–we taught kids to not do drugs. Pity the junior high health instructor whose…

Five for Finding: The Undercover Stud

Ladies, we’re overdue for a sexy, sexxxy conversation about The D. The D, and not the d.

Five for Finding: The Red/Black Trapeze

In high school, five things creeped me out: revolving doors, corduroy, bunk beds, clowns and shoelaces. No rational person should fear these. (Except shoelaces. Some day, someone’s sneaker will unwind on an escalator and get caught in the grate at…

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