Lesson: Bringing Harmony Between Our Hearts and Minds

Lesson: Bringing Harmony between our Hearts and Minds

We have our minds and our hearts but which do we listen to? I know that often times when stressed we only think with our feelings. We tend to react to whatever stimulus is triggering our fight or flight, or what I often times see as ego. But the gift of reason is what we need to keep by our side. It is what we use to see our feelings more clearly. How many times have you been in a situation where you can’t even recount what happened? This occurs because our feelings became so powerful and overwhelming that it blocks our rational mind leaving us off balance.

So whenever present in these situations, do not reject these feelings, let them come, be present, and then let them wash over you like the tide.

And when subsided, allow your gift of reason to step in. Observe. Notice the source of where it comes, the root of the situation. Become aware. Open yourself up once again. And then act.

Now harmony requires balance, so on the other side of the spectrum are those that spend too much in their minds convincing their hearts of what is right.

In both situations, the best way to bring your mind and heart together is to be still. We live a life where we are constantly trying to do something or to solve something. But when you don’t know what to do… Do nothing. Be still. Be Silent.
Only then can you truly begin to hear. You start hearing You. Your true feelings come out and your intuition rises. Our intuition is the one thing that will never lead us astray. Now, let your intuition in to guide you.

We are beings of intuition and that is what brings harmony between our hearts and minds. Start to hear. Be still. Be silent. And let it flow.





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