Manifesting Mondays week 7 -Find your blessings within the darkness

Is there that one issue you’ve been dealing with daily, and for some reason, despite your efforts it just doesn’t seem to be improving?  Today I’ll be helping you turn turn that situation around.

Welcome to Manifesting Mondays Week 7: Find your blessings within the darkness!


If you’re complaining about any issues such as a relationship, a long line at the DMV, your boss, your bank account or even the weather, you are creating more issues and pushing the resolution away.

Understand that when things are going left YOU are the basis behind it. Even when you do not intend to be ungrateful yet are, it is affecting your energy and that affects you ever receiving things you’d like to attract. When you are absolutely appreciative, no complaints or criticizing ( YES IT’S POSSIBLE! ) it’s impossible for any problems you may be having to not naturally transform. Gratitude will resolve them and answers will become clear. There is always something to be thankful for in any circumstance, regardless of how dark it may seem.

Take a moment and think of at least 10 things instantly that you’re blessed with or have experienced in life. We tend to unintentionally and constantly recycle negative thoughts thus looking past our blessings. Now, lets narrow things down. Think about that one unresolved issue you’ve had troubles with recently. It is obviously important to you if you have attempted to make it work and/or have made some effort to fix it. Think of ten things to be grateful about it regardless of how tough that may seem. Just like our weekly gratitude lists  describe why you are thankful except the subject remains the same for all ten.

Here is the template for this week’s assignment. The issue here is having a hard time attempting finding a new JOB after losing your last employment:

1- I am so grateful to have had more time for my family during this period.

2- I’m grateful that my life is in a lot better order because of the spare time I’ve had.

3- I am grateful that I’ve had a job most of my life, and that I am experienced.

4- I am truly grateful that this is the first time I’ve been unemployed in a while.

5- I’m grateful that there are jobs out there, and more new jobs are appearing each day.

6- I am grateful for all the things I’ve learned in applying for new jobs and by going to interviews.

7- I am grateful that I have my health and that I can work.

8- I’m grateful for my family’s support and encouragement.

9- I’m grateful for the REST I’ve had, because I NEEDED IT!

10- I’m grateful that I’ve been able to dedicate some much needed time to my passions outside of work

Another example is a lovers relationship in turmoil:

1- I am grateful that most of the relationships in my life are in a great place.

2- I’m grateful to my BF/GF/Husband/wife for loving me throughout this relationship and allowing me to love them regardless of our problems.

3- I am grateful to my _______ for supporting my career because in retrospect I realize he/she has always stood by my side and encouraged me spiritually.

4- I am grateful for all of those incredible conversations and nights out we have shared.

5- I am grateful that our communication has improved within the time we have been together.

6- I am grateful that even though I may not always understand, I know that sometimes you worry and disagree with me because you care deeply.

7- I am grateful through my relationship with my _____ I have learned to have more compassion, patience and understanding to deal with other relationships in my life.

8- I am grateful she/he was kind enough to think of me during their walk home and brought me flowers.

9- I am grateful that I took the time to create this list to remind me of what is wonderful about us.

10- I am so truly grateful that I have my ____ , because amid the tough times, there has been good times and there will be more good times ahead together.

Once the list is completed, finish up by stating the mighty gratitude trilogy “THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for the perfect resolution”.

Exuding so much energy into the details you appreciate will change the situation for the better by attracting more of the good. You will begin to feel good and that is the first sign the gratitude list is doing its job. Soon enough solutions will fall into place and answers will be clearer.

From this point on, use this method for any tough situation that comes along. The answer is always deep gratitude for the blessings you have even if they seem hidden, they still exist.





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