Manifest Mondays : Magical Health

“Health is a gift of life; it is something you receive and continue to receive each day. In addition to everything else we do to be healthy, we have to be grateful for our health to continue to receive more health!”
I’m proud of you! Welcome to the FOURTH week of Manifest Mondays. This week we will be manifesting a healthier you! Being appreciative and grateful for the blessing of health is essential. We use and abuse our bodies and should recognize how hard it works for us daily!
During my weekly meditation sessions, I have made it a habit to go through every body part I can think of and truly feel grateful for the function it plays in my life. Today, you will be doing the same.

Part one of this week’s appreciation assignment is a short meditation. Before you go to sleep today, or at any point where you are able to lay down, close your eyes and breathe DEEPLY (yoga breath).

Once you arrive at your pinnacle point of relaxation, or as close as you can get, go through every body part. I tend to go from my forehead down to my toes: releasing and thanking.

Slowly release tension around your eyes, and think about how they are used ALLLLL DAY. Sight is a vital part of most of your daily activities, and it’s your eyes working hard to let you see nature and loved ones, help guide you and move along.

Do the same with your mouth, your tongue, your arms, your fingers, your stomach, your feet and toes. Feel their existence and recognize all they do.

Part Deux of this week’s assignment is to write ‘THE GIFT OF HEALTH IS KEEPING ME ALIVE,’ in big bold letters on a piece of paper. Like the pictures last week, place the paper somewhere easily accessible or somewhere where you will see it at least four times today: car dashboard, bathroom mirror, desk, or wallet if you are on the move.
Just like I did with the pictures for ‘magical relationships,’ I took a screen shot of the book ‘The Magic,’ cropped it and then kept it as my screen saver all week. Feel free to upload my image on yours as well!
Each time you see those words today, take a moment to read them slowly and feel absolute gratitude for every part of your body… Repeat the magic trilogy: ‘ THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.’  Exhale.
Thanks for joining us this week. Please try your best to continue to write your daily appreciation list (as mentioned in week one). We all have such busy lives therefore I completely understand if those 5-7 minutes a day may seem like a burden. Just always keep in mind all the elements that keep us busy are just some of the many things you should be grateful for.


Karla is a name of German origin. It is translated to mean “Strong and Womanly”