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Karla’s Lo-Cal Ginger Coquito

Coquito = Puerto Rican Egg Nog. A Borinquen Christmas staple. Although ridiculously delicious, it tends to be high in caloric value causing ‘Puerto Rican BOOTY’… unfortunately NOT quiiiiite as pretty as J Lo’s. I’m no Rachel Ray but to trim…

Five for Finding: The Red/Black Trapeze

In high school, five things creeped me out: revolving doors, corduroy, bunk beds, clowns and shoelaces. No rational person should fear these. (Except shoelaces. Some day, someone’s sneaker will unwind on an escalator and get caught in the grate at…


Event planning can be a tedious task for some of us to handle, especially when it’s your first time planning an event, no matter the scale.  I have narrowed it down to what I believe are the 6 main elements,…

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