Featured Artist: Amy Théard

Amy Théard is a Haitian-born artist based in New York City.  Her deep-rooted love of the arts came about at an early age. During a year-long stay in her native country of Haiti in 2012, she finally discovered her true love for painting. Daughter of the late famous Haitian artist Carol Théard, and niece of artist Jean Piérre Théard, Amy is continuing her family’s prestigious legacy in the Haitian art world.

Focusing mainly on color and movement, her style is bright and imaginative, with a unique contemporary flare not found in typical Haitian art. “I want to touch the world with what I create and bring a sense of awe and wonder to each person who encounters my work,” states the artist.

Amy Théard’s work has been featured in a New York-based art gallery. She has commissioned paintings for celebrity clientele and has been recognized by Casa Frela Art Gallery pas a featured artist in their 2013 Harlem Art Walking Tour. She has been interviewed by Revolt TV, profiled in Lucky and Uptown Magazines, and is currently in the midst of a 4-month exclusive residency at Milk River Brooklyn, which resulted in a Zagat.com feature.

Most recently, she became a published artist, with her work being highlighted in “Présence Féminine Dans l’art Haïtien“, a book that showcases works from top female Haitian artists.

I had the pleasure of catching up with the Haitian beauty last week!


KwaK: What an honor to be featured in “Présence Féminine Dans l’art Haïtien,” with so many influential female artists. Naturally, we love any movement or publication that praises powerful women. Describe the moment you were asked to be published, your feelings.  Do you feel as if it has been helpful in gaining respect within your culture, as a young artist?

Amy: Actually, I had no idea that I was even in the book! I found out through Facebook, after my cousin brought it to my attention. As a brand new artist, I was thrilled to have that recognition; especially coming from a Haitian art historian.

KwaK: Your Aaliyah collection is exceptional. Your use of colours and patterns really brings her to life.  I could totally see one of those pieces in my personal collection, hanging on my Android green wall. Which of your pieces is your personal fav so far and why?

Amy: Thank you so much! That collection is very special to me because I’ve always been a huge fan of Aaliyah.  I’d have to say that my favorite piece is “I Miss You“, where I painted her face over the actual sheet music to the song. That piece was actually just sold last week.

KwaK: What’s coming up for Amy? What greatness can we look forward to seeing from you in the near future?

Amy: I’m always showing in the NYC area and I’m currently working on a charity mixer where I will auction off artwork in order to raise money for cancer research.  I’ve also got a Jazz Art Brunch coming up in January. At that event, I’ll be showcasing my newest collection of Iconic Jazz Greats, such as Ella Fitzgerald, Miles Davis and Ray Charles.

KwaK: Are there any current artists you admire at the moment? Anyone you may be interested in collaborating with?

Amy: I love the artwork of local artists like myself. My favorite artist right now is a young man from Harlem named Emilio Ramos (@emilio_ramos).
I also really enjoy the work of an artist from Philly named Saladeen (@kingsaladeen).

You can find out more about Amy Théard…

Amy is represented by Adaku Okpi Talent Management.

Milk River featured artist:





on Instagram: @Amytheard

Twitter: @Amytheard

For any business related inquiries, you can contact her manager, Adaku Okpi, via her website at AmyTheard.com




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