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Q & A Wednesday: My home is a mess! Where do I start?

Women nowadays are doing big things – running companies, leading countries, and making a difference in the world. That doesn’t leave much time for keeping a perfectly pristine home. Most women are content with a little clutter here and there, but what do you do when your little clutter becomes a downright pile of disorganized disaster?

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FEATURED ARTIST: Laurie Markiewicz

Laurie’s portfolio includes a variety of street, portrait, nature, and experimental photo-montage and digital collage. Her work has been exhibited in community-based galleries and spaces in NYC, at the IBC in the Netherlands, and for the Suns Of Silence fundraiser/exhibition in Japan. Laurie is the co-founder of 596ArtistUnion, a private art studio in northern Manhattan where she works and hosts events designed to strengthen ties among artists. Whether it’s youth-development in juvenile detention centers, teaching early childhood education, promoting the visibility of female artists, or fundraising events for Autism and Lupus, Laurie’s projects reflect her commitment to community-building in the areas closest to her heart.


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Q&A Wednesday: How do I know when a relationship isn’t right for me?

Well, folks… summer’s over and cuffing season is almost upon us. The ladies over at KwaK are no strangers to the ups and downs of new relationships, and sometimes it’s hard to tell whether to stick it out or move on to the next. We asked coach and licensed therapist, Megan Hale, to help us out with this one. Continue reading →

Q&A Wednesday: Why should I care about Medicare?

When you hear the term “Medicare,” the first thing that most people think of are old people, but there is a lot more to Medicare than what you see in those commercials, and it can be of particular interest to women who are dealing with chronic illnesses. Continue reading →

Five for Finding: The Fluorescent Highlighter

Back before Adderall–when “Monster” wasn’t an energy drink but a creature hiding under your bed, when Starbucks better known for its perverse, bare-breasted mermaid logo than coffee–we taught kids to not do drugs. Pity the junior high health instructor whose curriculum has been hacked and slashed as a result: Do I put the module on eCigarettes before or after the herpes quiz? Decisions, decisions.
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A true artist and storyteller.  She is an actress (most recently on HBO’s Boardwalk Empire) and emerging writer & director with a background in classical dance.


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Manifesting Mondays week 7 -Find your blessings within the darkness

Is there that one issue you’ve been dealing with daily, and for some reason, despite your efforts it just doesn’t seem to be improving?  Today I’ll be helping you turn turn that situation around.

Welcome to Manifesting Mondays Week 7: Find your blessings within the darkness!

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