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American singer/songwriter and actress Elíz (e-leese) Camacho, born Elizabeth Marie Camacho, on March 10, 1991, in Hinsdale, Illinois, is an American singer/songwriter and actress. Elíz is of Puerto Rican, African American, and Native American (Cherokee) ancestry. With various styles ranging from “belting pipes” to “melodious harmony “, with a petite stature, Elíz’s electrifying charisma is the epitome of what can best be described as “lightning in a bottle” artistry.

Elíz began expressing her musical talents at a very young age, singing around the house, participating in local talent shows, and in her church. At age 7, she wrote and performed her first song for the children’s’ choir, an inspirational work entitled “Lift Him Higher”. In junior high school, Elíz’s music teacher noticed her gift for singing and encouraged her to compete in the National Honors Chorus competition. Eliz represented her school placing in the top finals for the junior high school level. While developing her musical talents, Elíz had her first acting experience in the role of “Rebecca” in the local theatre post-production, Our Town, (Thornton Wilder). At age 15, Eliz graduated from John Casablanca’s Modeling & Career Center with a certification in “Select TV/Print”. Eliz made her on screen debut at 17 in the independent film Trumpet My Return, playing the role of a troubled teen student. Eliz turned down acceptance to the Applied Meteorology program at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University to further explore her passion for stardom in the entertainment industry.

Elíz’s musical career began to take off in 2008 with her first stadium appearance, accompanied by an ensemble chosen to sing the National Anthem for the President Obama Rally held at the Crown Arena in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Elíz made her musical stage play debut at Cape Fear Regional Theatre in their production of Westside Story (2009) playing the part of “Consuelo” . This was followed by her appearance in the principal role of “Taylor McKessie”, in Disney’s® High School Musical 2, “On Stage” (2009) and national appearances in several television commercials, including Coca-Cola® “Summer Fun” (2009) and ESPN-U® “University of Florida” (2009). Elíz was chosen to perform as one of the Ray Kennedy entertainers on the Palm Beach Princess Cruise ship performing “The Sounds of Christmas” (2009) as the lead female soprano.

Eliz was the only independent recording artist featured on the “Microsoft Windows Media Guide” ® during the week of the 2011 Grammy’s. She was also featured on the first female compilation album titled “She Got Next”. While already known as the “down-south, sultry, “ultra-sexy” diva, Eliz has made quite an impression on the “Big Apple” including being the special-guest/presenter/co-host at the 2011 Hip Hop Underground Music Awards at B.B. Kings in New York City in which she performed her song “Get Loose” before a cheering standing room only audience.

Eliz was the opening act for “Grammy-Award” winning songwriter/singer “Gordon Chambers” at the “One Night Only with Gordon Chambers” show which supported the “non-profit” organization “Samaritan’s Feet”. She has shared the stage with other headlining acts including Boyz II Men, Vivian Green, Omarion, and Yolanda Adams at the 2012 CIAA “Toyota Fan Experience” and with Tyra Banks, Kim Burell, Kelly Price, Robin Thicke, and Anthony Hamilton at the 2012 Women’s Empowerment Expo. 2012 also saw Elíz land a role in the motion picture Changing the Game (2012) playing “Julissa”, the sexy, flirtatious Latina flight attendant.

During her impressive young career, Elíz has already captured many notable awards and garnered several features including the “2012 Female R&B of the Year” (NCUMAS), “Featured Hottest R&B Singer” (Windows Media Guide®), “Artist of the Week” (Reverb Nation®),” Best New Artist of the Year” 2010 (Independent Artist Music Awards 2010), “Musician of the Month” (TalkofNc.com), WORLD NEWS®, FAMOUS WHY®, Carolina Entertainers of the Month (Carolina Artists®), CheckMateNewYork.com, HotStepz Magazine, Musician of the Month (CHASEMEBABY.COM), Shive Magazine, El Barrio Magazine, SASS Magazine, Disarray Magazine and X-Pozsed Magazine Primetyme Magazine and many others. Elíz is currently working on her highly anticipated album titled “House of Mirrors” and has released her first Urban/Adult Contemporary single, “Get Loose”, which first premiered on “All Access Music Group”. The world awaits the certain meteoric rise of Eliz Camacho to the upper echelon of the entertainment industry.


KwaK: How difficult of a decision was it and what ultimately led you to give up your educational and career aspirations in meteorology to pursue your passion in singing full time ?
EC: To be honest, I never really “gave up” on becoming a meteorologist: I actually never really “wanted” to become one. I only chose that career as a “back up”, but because of the passion and ambition of pursuing my “true” dreams, there was no such thing as a “back up” plan. If you believe, you can achieve ANYTHING!

KwaK: Not only are you a talented singer but it seems like you are also pursuing a career in acting, from stage to motion picture. How has one opened the doors for the other ?
EC: They both are very “competitive” paths. It’s like I have to turn on and turn off when I’m either behind the “mic” or behind the “camera”. A role may require “theatrical sadness” whereas in a song it’s gotta be “believable” (unless you put some “stank” on it!) Being able to do both is a plus in the industry, combined, you get “BROADWAY!”

KwaK: You have a eccentric mix of cultural backgrounds. Do you think being someone of multiple ethnicities has influenced your music?
EC: ¡Claro! Chaka, Mariah, Celia Cruz…they’ve all been huge influences in my music. One thing about my music is I make it “non-demographical”. It’s for all ages, non vulgur, and just FUN and creative!

KwaK: What an honor you had in 2008, being a part of the national anthem ensemble for President Obama and countless appearances/performances since then. Which of your many experiences would you say is your “shining moment” and why ?
EC: Yes! The 2008 Obama rally was a wonderful experience and the interesting part about it was I wasn’t able to vote at the time because i was only 17, but able to perform. My most shining moments are really when I’m “one on one” with someone, when I’m just able to connect with a person at a restaurant or in the store. I never really knew how many admirers I had and from different ages! I really am able to connect with them rather than just performing for the mass and people are just in that “moment of excitement”. That seems like my shining moment, connecting with them personally. It’s not often that your fans are able to connect with their favorite artist due to business matters or “fanatics” or just different things that put the artist at risk, when the fan really is just admiring them.

KwaK: Please tell our readers, whats next for Eliz Camacho ?
EC: MAJOR things will be happening this year for Elíz Camacho: I just signed with CTS Management so I’m pretty excited about that. They’re going to be my new family and I’ll definitely be performing in a city near you so be on the lookout, new music, working with some great writers and producers, videos, more commercials and movies to come; The list is endless!

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