Q&A Wednesday: What are the best foods for women to eat during the cold months?

Welcome to Q&A Wednesday on KwaK!

This week’s Q & A is about healthy eating, and we’re so happy to have our health expert, Sarah Higgins, give us some insight! We asked her:

What are the best foods for women to eat to keep their energy high during the colder months of the year?

photo-36“The winter months have a reputation for being full of holiday meals, desserts and spiced drinks from a favorite coffee shop. During the winter months, it is also much easier to stay in bed under the warm covers and sleep through the run or gym class we promised we would go to in the morning. These factors, along with the stress of preparing for the holidays can suck the energy out of anyone. Despite this, it IS possible to have amazing energy and even get in your best shape during the cold winter months!

We want to focus on eating foods that are high in nutritional value, especially during the winter months. These types foods are going to include your fruits and vegetables, as well as lean proteins such as chicken, fish and eggs. Fruits and vegetables will keep your body full of vitamins and minerals and protein will support with keeping your metabolism burning all day long, and burning off those extra holiday treats and leaving you fueled with energy.

Holiday parties are also a staple during the winter months. To keep our energy high during the cold weather and busy time of the year, it is also extremely important to eat small frequent meals. A common theme I have found is someone will avoid eating during the day, when there is a party to attend in the evening. A general misconception is to eat less during the day when one knows they will be eating party food in the evening. Focus on eating a few small meals, containing fruits, vegetables and protein, throughout the day. This will keep the metabolism fire burning and help prevent over eating at that evening work party.

Keeping these tips in mind will ensure your most energized winter season yet.”


Sarah has been a Registered Nurse for the past six years, with a focus in Women’s Health. She more recently discovered her love for health and fitness and is passionate about educating people on the impact nutrition and fitness can make on the mind, body, and living life to the fullest. ┬áCheck her out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.



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