Q & A Wednesday: My home is a mess! Where do I start?

Women nowadays are doing big things – running companies, leading countries, and making a difference in the world. That doesn’t leave much time for keeping a perfectly pristine home. Most women are content with a little clutter here and there, but what do you do when your little clutter becomes a downright pile of disorganized disaster?

We asked professional organizer Lila Meade:
My house is a mess! How do get organized when I’m so overwhelmed?

I come across this sentiment all the time with my clients. I know how overwhelming it is to look around your space and not know where to begin, so I give all my clients this very simple instruction: Start with one drawer.

That’s it.

Just organize one drawer.

Firstly, starting with one drawer gives you the instant reward of having accomplished something, and then a funny thing happens – the second drawer with start calling to be organized as well. Then you’ll want to do that one. Before you know it, you’ll want your entire home to look like that first drawer.
Lila Meade is a professional organizer and the co-founder of the Vassar Haiti Project, a non-profit organization that works to provide healthy meals, healthcare, and education to Haiti’s most disadvantaged communities. You can learn more about Lila’s work as an organizer at www.positively-organized.net. Find out more about the Vassar Haiti Project at www.thehaitiproject.org.



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