KWaK chops it up with Melissa Heholt of Statice Events

The KWaK team was truly honored to have the opportunity to chop it up with Melissa Heholt of Statice Events. She talks about her company’s humble beginnings, her inspirations, and her fantastic work with the Dreamville Foundation. Check it out!

What kind of work were you doing before you starting planning and coordinating events? My career right before event planning was teaching, but that was short-lived.  Like many young teens, when I started college, I was unsure of the career path I wanted to follow. As the oldest of 4 and always being around kids, my natural instinct was that of a nurturer and caretaker. So I thought, “why not be a teacher?”  However, Listening to the opinions of others… claiming the profession didn’t make enough money, I chose to major in Business. After changing my major a few times, graduating with a Bachelors in Health Administration, and working at unfulfilling jobs, I ended up right back where I started. I went to graduate school for a Masters in Elementary Education and the art of teaching came natural to me.

How did you transition from being a teacher to being an event planner? I love kids but, “the state of education” these days took the joy out of teaching.  Honestly, I was unhappy.  One year while on summer vacation, I kept thinking about not going back and a few weeks before school started, I just made the decision “I’m not going back!”   Then I had to really take some time to think about what I enjoyed doing.  I always felt passionate about event planning, (it was my hobby) so I figured I would give it a try. It took some encouragement from the close people around me but, I got enough courage to pursue it professionally and started with obtaining an internship. I also had to get past the thoughts that I was “too old” to be an intern and realize that is the way to break through in any career.

How did you come up with the idea to launch to start Statice Events? I did so well interning for Team Epiphany, a lifestyle and marketing agency, that after 2 months, I was hired as a freelancer for the company. With that said, it didn’t take much time for this experience to reassure me of the essential skills I already possess to be successful in Event planning. It has helped to rid me of my fear and hesitation with starting my own event planning company. The name “Statice Events” is a play on words of “status”, but it also is a type of flower that means success.

Who are your biggest influences in event design and planning? My biggest influence is David Tutera, I am always amazed at how he and his team can transform the most peculiar vision into a masterpiece event. Even though I started my own business, it would be dream to intern/work for his company. David Tutera is an Elite Event Planner.

In which states does Statice Events operate? Mainly we operate in the tri-state area, Maryland, and North Carolina because of my frequent trips there, but I’m willing to go anywhere necessary.

What do you hope to accomplish with your work? The main focus of Statice Events is to provide exceptional client service, while creating memorable events with a unique flair. When I produce a successful event that my clients and their guests continuously reminisce about I know I have accomplished my goal for that event.

Can you tell us about your work with the Dreamville Foundation? The Dreamville Foundation was started in October 2011 based in Fayetteville, NC, to reveal to the youth their limitless potential through positive experiences, whether it is an event or program. I have been very involved with this organization as their Executive Director, helping to establish the organization and coordinate its events and programs.

If you could design ANY event for any person, celebrity, or company, what would it be? Honestly, there is not one person in particular I want to plan an event for, but I am waiting for that client to come along who envisions a theme for their event that is an ultimate challenge for me to put together.

What have you discovered about being in business that you didn’t know before? I have discovered how much of an impact social media has on your business’ success. Owning my own business has forced me to become more involved with social media, because it is such a major part of your branding.

What is coming up next for you and Statice Events? I am learning effective methods for branding and marketing Statice Events to gain new clientele. We are also on the lookout for our premier bride -to –be, to be apart of our events portfolio.

What should our readers look forward to from your upcoming contributions to KWaK?
Please look out for my monthly posts on Event planning tips and ideas. If you have an idea/ theme that you would like me to write about, please feel free to request them in the comments. I am especially looking forward to coordinating some amazing KWaK events in the near future.

Are there any special offers you’d like to make available to KWaK readers?
KWAK readers: if you or someone you know is looking to plan an event for their special occasion, whether it be a birthday dinner, baby shower, company launch or wedding, please don’t hesitate to contact Statice Events. All KWAK readers will receive an exclusive offer.

Where can we learn more about you and your work? For any inquiries, please visit our website: www.staticeevents.com.

Twitter: www.twitter.com/staticeevents

Tumblr: staticeevents.tumblr.com

IG: www.instagram.com/staticeevents


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