KWaK chops it up with Nicole Richardson of eNRich Media

I’ve had the pleasure of hanging with Nicole through my involvement in the music industry, and I always appreciated her quiet strong positive energy. It always makes me happy to see incredible young women around me take their passions and build their dreams, especially when it can help others build their own. When we began thinking about women in business who we can feature on KWaK, I thought Nicole would be a great person to talk to.

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~ Karla


We asked Nicole Richardson of eNRich Media a few questions about her business journey and here’s what she said…

KWAK: What motivated you to start eNRich Media?
NR: I was motivated to start eNRich Media out of a need to help small businesses especially those with an online presence. I have always been skilled in skilled in web design, video editing and internet marketing and have always had a desire put them to use for the greater good. One of my long-term goals was to create a media company. I didn’t anticipate that I would have started building the company so soon. Roughly two years ago I initiated contact with a potential client, presented a proposal, it was accepted and the business took off from there. I believe that we are here in this world to help one another and that we should use our skills, gifts and abilities to better the world.

KWAK: What is the most satisfying part of doing the work that you do?
NR: Funny, I get asked this question all the time. The most satisfying thing about my work is always pleasing the client. I’m not happy unless the client is happy. Therefore customer service is a key element in my business.

KWAK: What were your biggest challenges are you started your business?
NR: One of the biggest challenges with starting a service-based business is pricing. For me pricing involves the value I bring to the client’s business combined with the industry standard pricing. The value I provide is determined by the return on investment the client makes with eNRich Media. The standard pricing can be researched on Google or polling colleagues in the industry.

KWAK: Where did you find motivation and inspiration during the ‘growing pains’ of building your business?     
NR: The first year was full of growing pains. I went through periods of having an influx of clients and then moments where there were no clients at all. However, I knew this was all a part of being in business. I am motivated by other successful female entrepreneurs. I also read a wide range of business books for motivation and encouragement. One of my favorite books is The Wealthy Freelancer, which is a great book for anyone with a freelance model business. The book covers everything from proposals, marketing your business and project completion. I knew that I wasn’t the first person to start a business and experience difficulty. Therefore, I sought and still seek resources/mentors for guidance.

KWAK: Who are favorite types of customers, and when do you feel the most ‘in the zone’?
NR: As an entrepreneur, I come across many different types of business owners and can work with just about anyone. However, my favorite type of customer is someone who knows what they want and is ready to get the project started immediately. It makes for a stress-free project.

KWAK: If you can give an aspiring entrepreneur any sage advice, what would it be?
NR: Do what you love. Cliché, I know but it’s true. I believe that we can create great businesses while maintaining a full time job. Start small and take action. Wake up early, go to sleep a bit later than usual and build. A vital question to ask oneself is what will this business look like in 10 – 15 years?

KWAK: What’s in the works for Enrich Media in the coming months?
NR: Over the next few months, we plan to produce a networking event in New York and Atlanta and inspirational tees for entrepreneurs.

KWAK: Where can we find you online and in social media?
Twitter: https://twitter.com/nikkirich
Instagram: http://instagram.com/eNRichMedia



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