KWAK Chops it up with Bianca Romero of Defiant Entertainment

Bianca Romero is a force to be reckoned with. The head diva in charge at Defiant Entertainment, she’s on a mission to provide exposure and opportunities for artists to showcase their talent and connect with others. Through her work with Defiant, she strives to continuously build a strong community where creativity can thrive, as well as provide a platform where people seeking untapped talent can find what they are looking for.

We caught up with her as she was preparing for her very FIRST live art show, and got to chat about why she prefers working with up and comers, who inspires her most, and what makes a brand a killer. Check out the interview below, and don’t forget to stop by UneARThed, An Exhibition Event Series at Roogla Cafe & Gallery! One of our featured artists, SONI withanEYE, will be spinning!


KWAK: We love that Defiant helps provide a platform for up and coming talent. What drives you guys to want to work with a newer generation of music rather than musicians and/or artists already established?
BR: Being in New York City has provided the amazing and unique opportunity to interact with artists who are at all different stages of their career. Everyone is always looking to work with artists who are on the upswing of their career, if not already there, leaving a huge gap for creative individuals who have the potential and substance, however need support and representation to jumpstart their career. From first hand experience, I met so many artists that I truly believe can get far, however were not getting the assistance in marketing, branding, booking, collaborating that they needed to move forward. Defiant was created to give those artists a platform and connect the dots to bridge that gap.

KWAK: How does working with up and comers compare with collaborating with more established brands? What elements are similar? What’s different?
BR: It’s definitely a challenge! However, the beauty about starting from square one is that the possibilities of directions one can take are endless. I personally love the idea off collaborating and building something amazing from scratch with another creative individual. More established brands are always a pleasure to work with, and wherever possible, Defiant has new artists/brands and more established ones work together, whether it’s performing together or collaborating on a track, photo shoot, video, etc.

KWAK: Tell us more about your favorite project since launching Defiant?
BR: It’s hard to pick just one favorite, I love each project for different reasons, lessons, and talent. A project close to my heart was working with R&B/Hip Hop/Soul artist Ryan Notes. We were both at early stages of our dreams then, and grew into ourselves together. Defiant grew into what it is now, as we worked with him on the journey of his career. Definitely a lot of learning lessons, laughs and strides during that partnership!

KWAK: Ideally, what kind of projects would you like to see Defiant working on with in the next two years?
BR: My vision is for Defiant to have a festival or tour dedicated to underground visual artists, musicians, brands and beyond!

KWAK: You mentioned a few companies you worked with in the past such as Axe, Victoria’s Secret, and Comedy Central. Are there any marketing projects that you were involved in throughout your career that people might be able to identify?
BR: Comedy Central I worked on a campaign for the launch of the TV Show “Important Things with Demetri Martin”, where Comedy Central hired a bunch of actors to dress up as the comedian and raid college campuses, haha! That was an interesting one! Another was working on marketing campaigns for Season 3 of Smirnoff Master of the Mix, the first televised DJ reality competition on VH1. I’m definitely looking forward to what the future holds!

KWAK: Are there any specific lessons that you were taught or learned from your parents that you have put to use during your career?
BR: Mainly, to always follow my dream and always push myself. They also always had me working to make my own money since I was very young, so that resourcefulness and work ethic always stuck with me.

KWAK: Based on your experience with branding and marketing, what makes a stellar brand?
BR: With all the competition out there for consumers, the brands that stand out the most are the risk takers that aren’t afraid to make bold statements. Also, when the brand identity is a simple and clear statement.

KWAK: Do you feel that being a woman in your industry puts you at an advantage or a disadvantage? Why?
BR: Both! I think everyone, male or female has their own challenges and hurtles to overcome. I think that as a woman in this industry, it’s vital to prove straight off the bat that you are serious and mean business.I’ve encountered a different assumption Just for being a female, from time to time. It always saddens me as I am a strong believer that men and woman should be able to work side by side for a greater vision. I don’t believe in a battle of the sexes.

KWAK: Who have you most been influenced by as you’ve built your business? What is it about these people/organizations do you find so compelling, impactful, and inspiring?
BR: Not sure if this is sappy or not, but my dad, always and forever is my drive and inspiration. Always impactful, creative, driven and above all, humble. Not to mention, he possesses the skillset to become besties with everyone he encounters.. even a cab driver. It’s happened! Also hearing from artists that Defiant helped them in their career, whether it’s booking, getting media coverage, helping them meet a new manager, etc. For example, Defiant created a Showcase called The Juice Box Series, dedicated to fueling creative juices by focusing each edition on a different form of art. The first event this past summer was focused on Hip Hop, and I remember specifically getting a call from one of the artists who performed and said that at Juice Box, he linked up with someone who got him onto the 2013 A3C compilation album! Stories like that inspire me to push Defiant further.

KWAK: What advice would you give to someone who is just starting in entertainment and public relations? What is your greatest gem of wisdom to impart?
BR: A few things. First off, building your team of hardworking trustworthy people is crucial. As much as I’d like to think I’m superwoman and do it all, the truth is, no one can. Another is don’t be afraid to fail. The biggest lessons I’ve learned thus far are from trial and error. I am a firm believer that no experience is a bad experience as long as you embrace the lessons they offer and use them to always take a step forward.


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