Featured Artist: WAXTHEDUCK

Brooklyn based WAXTHEDUCK is an independent line of handmade jewelry founded and designed by Chrissy Reilly. WAXTHEDUCK was an outlet for her creativity at a time she had taken on a full time job and abandoned her fine art practice. Making necklaces became a direct connection to finding materials and transforming them into something tactile and important. Since it’s 2007 inception, WAXTHEDUCK has been highlighted as “Best in Brooklyn,” by L Magazine and seen in local venues about town. A ‘word of mouth’ brand, most people purchase directly from the artist and are able to have pieces that are uniquely rendered for their personal taste.

 Today, Reilly designs and makes over 100 different pieces and distributes through her website www.waxtheduck.com. She was recently added to a collection of amazing designers at  Better Than Jam, a boutique based out of Bushwick’s “The Loom”.

WAXTHEDUCK jewelry is inspired by the earth, what is found on its surface and what is made by the remains that are altered by its surroundings. Wood, feathers, glass, stone, leather, and metals are all the ingredients that can be used to compose a necklace. “I like to leave part of the making in the process, whether it be showing the weld in the metal, the string on the length, a random colored bead… all of these imperfections indicate the process that the piece took to make and act as my continued part and signature in it’s existence; my hand. It’s truly important to me to remain connected to my work even after its sale.”

Hoping to expand in the next year into a solid line of designers under the umbrella of WAXTHEDUCK. If you would like to join our team, please email info@waxtheduck.com.

Chrissy Reilly holds her MFA in Printmaking and Sculpture; she is also an alumnus of the notorious SUNY Purchase, studying under George Parrino. She is the former VP Creative and Operations Director of WIN-Initiative, a boutique stock photography agency. Currently she is living and working out of her Brooklyn apartment, freelancing as a Creative Consultant in the photo industry and working on designing great pieces for WAXTHEDUCK.


Lookbook/AD on Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/59242212



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