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Marivel Mejia is a recent graduate of City College of NY with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts. Formerly an Intern for their Humanities’ Distinguished Lecturer, Dr. Myrah Green and Teacher’s Assistant to the Chairman of the Art Department, Mr. Leo Fuentes.  From them, she learned that talent is not a goal.  Talent is a gift that we all possess and once embraced we see it bloom from within.

In 1970, Marivel was the only child for 11 years, so when it was time to play with her dolls she became bored very quickly. Her imagination led her to draw on family furniture until her mother quickly came to the conclusion that all she needed with a sheet of paper. The pen and paper became her new toys.

Marivel has had over 10 successful one woman art shows, from her childhood neighborhood, Washington Heights, Upper/ Lower East Side, Harlem including Soho. Her career goal is to become an Art Therapist for Bilingual children with special needs. Focusing mostly on children who cannot express themselves effectively. She remembers when it was hard to express herself as a child and how drawing helped her vent and learn from her mistakes. She hopes to aspire the same in the future of our world.

In the meantime, she’s keeps in her Harlem studio working over 20 hours a day in preparation for her upcoming events blooming in 2014. Stay tuned folks!

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