Friends Don’t Let Friends Buy The Wrong Phone!

Have you ever had this happen to you?  You switch from an iPhone to an Android or vice versa or you decide to buy a Blackberry or Windows phone and suddenly your friends  make you feel like you’ve grown a third eye? Maybe even  had your sanity questioned? Well, I recently had a situation happen to me like this.

For a time, I was on, shall we say, Team Android.  I bought an Android phone, loved it and then bought a couple more within about a 6 year time period.  Over time, I began to notice that I was getting a lot of of iPhone questions and I had no idea how to answer them.  I mean, I am a tech girl after all, so this was no good.

So, when it was time to renew my cell phone carrier contract again, I decided that I would get an iPhone 4S.  Now, I really had no idea how this was gonna work, but  I knew that I could get it and try it out for 2 weeks and could return it if I hated it.  That was honestly my plan.  I would use it as my primary phone and see how it went. It was May of 2011. I still have my iPhone today, so you can imagine that it turned out great!

Anyway, sometime after I made the decision to keep my iPhone, I had lunch with a few of my tech guy friends.  There was a lot of jaw dropping at the table when I pulled my iPhone out.  These are the comments that I heard:

“Oh my God, you bought an iPhone?”
“You switched over to the dark side!”
“You joined the cult!”

And, lest I forget,

“I don’t know who you are anymore!”

The list goes on, but basically because I bought a PHONE, I had somehow changed and my identity was in question.  Apparently, the phone you choose is almost like a badge that you wear on your chest. A declaration you make.

Team Android.  Team Apple.

Sort of reminds you of being having to choose between Team Jacob and Team Edward, doesn’t it?

As for me, I’m on plain old Team Phone.  I love them all for different reasons, and right now, yes, I have an iPhone, but I’ve had my eye on some Android phones lately, too.

I mean, have you SEEN the Samsung Galaxy S3?

I am a fan of whatever device lets me do the things I need to do and do them well. And I refuse to be judged for that!

So have you had this happen to you?  Have you switched from one phone type to another and had some remarks from your friends?



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