KwaK Chops it up with Candi Rose

Candice “itsmeCan” Rose was born in NYC and raised in Hempstead, NY. A multi cultured individual who was taught diversity at an early age. The experience of a private school with an array of public school friends aided in a well-rounded upbringing. Candice went on to mold her natural crafts.

She received a B.F.A. in Digital Media Arts and continued on, earning an M.F.A. in 3D animation and Special Effects. After returning home, she developed her mind even further, taking up photography, custom clothing design, and teaching. Eventually, her heart chose to come back to her very first love, painting. From early on, Candice realized her connection with color; an entity solely composed of light, the source of life. This led to a distinct style that is prevalent in all of her pieces today. From the heart, many of these pieces reflect an array of emotions. It is a time capsule of the moment created and each brush stroke tells its own story.

Lately, Ms. Rose has been developing a stronger community presence in order to bridge the gap between generations. One major goal of hers is to give the future a greater sense of the connection between every living organism on this earth. (Her) Art is the communicator.

KwaK: Is there a specific era in Art you find the most intriguing or interesting? If so, do you see any traces or characteristics of that in your work?

The most intriguing eras are Expressionism, Modern Art, and The Renaissance.
Expressionism has a free form, almost chaotic nature that simultaneously maintains structure. In my work, I relate mostly to the harmonious colors and expression through brush strokes, which is prevalent throughout that style.
I have always admired modern art because it usually pushes the limits, creates and defines an artist’s signature style, and usually incorporates clean and simple design. Depending on the piece I am working on, I use a variety of elements to define myself and what techniques I have mastered and favor. This creates repetition and ultimately a definitive uniform “look” in my work, which is one of Modern Arts best traits.
The Renaissance was a beautiful era that captured supremely detailed visuals of the current time. The soft tones and smooth blends are two techniques I incorporate in most of my pieces.

KwaK: I’m a huge fan of both your custom clothing designs and painting. Even through the beautiful use of lively and bright colors, your work still carries a seductive nature, which clearly celebrates women in all of their beauty. If you were to choose three words to describe your work, what would they be and why?

First, thank you! I would say desirable, captivating, and reserved.
Desirable: I try to create paintings and designs that I would want or “desire”. I create with the essence similar to a child wanting candy (pun intended) and that feeling of “desire”.
Captivating: I choose an array of harmonious colors while I am working. I take the color wheel into consideration and how colors relate and enhance one another. Sometimes I splash a tine to a hue and it changes it just enough for the viewer to experience a variety of color gradations. Colors naturally give off moods, which can be captivating and that is something I create with on a consistent basis.
Reserved: I would say this, because sometimes I play it a bit safe with my work. It is a combination of being formally trained, working in a corporate world, and just how I am as a person. I am certain, over-time; it will change as I continue to develop as a human being and as an artist.

KwaK: You mentioned recently finding yourself connecting more with your community. Tell us about any events you have participated in and how they’ve strengthened that relationship.

I have been to a number of town hall meetings that have enlightened me on how to realistically get things done within my community. Because of my plan, I have done research and learned a great deal about the history of a place where I have literally been in and around my entire life. I spend time in local businesses conversing with some of the people who live and experience life here to know their concerns and what to ask for when I have the podium.

KwaK: At KarlaWithaKay, we are huge advocates of the term ‘follow your bliss;’ which basically means stepping out of your comfort zone, as well as what is expected of you by others in order to pursue your true passion and happiness. Are you currently still teaching or are have you taken that step into full entrepreneurship?

I have taken the step into full, entrepreneurship; however, I would very much like to teach in the near future. I am open to teaching all ages, because I feel like art awareness is important in every stage in life.

KwaK: Any advice to young artists still developing their work into a business? Any lessons you’ve learned in the process of becoming your own boss?

First things first, have the confidence in yourself to go for it. Secondly, incorporate your name and brand early so that everything you do from school, to supplies, to eating can be a tax write off. It also provides you with a tax-id, which is essential in acquiring such things as vendor ids, wholesale items, and tax breaks. A business plan goes hand in hand with incorporating and is very necessary in the business world. Thirdly, do not be afraid to break the mold and do the unconventional. So many are reluctant to do what they actually want because no one has done it before or they are just simply afraid to.

KwaK: Are there any activities you do for inspiration or that get you in the mood? Music, food, literature, or maybe a place or view?

Being by the water always allows my mind to relax and make sense of all the ideas in my head. I also take walks anywhere I am just to be outside, breathe fresh air, and take notice of all the little things we would normally drive right by. I enjoy a plethora of music throughout many genres and have recently found that playing music (DJing) loosens my fingers and arms. This serves as a great warmup for painting.

KwaK: Tell us about a painting or project of which you are most proud? What connection to it makes it stand out?

I can say that I am most proud every time I create a large-scale wall mural. Most likely relating to my actual size, I’ve always been the shortest or smallest of the group. Completing a 30-foot wall standing at only 5’4” always makes me feel like I can. It allows me to put everything into perspective, no matter how big or small, I can.

KwaK: Do you feel that camaraderie between women is important? What does women’s empowerment mean to you?

Yes, I do feel that camaraderie between women is important. We as women naturally have a great deal of responsibility. We are also ones who are highly criticized from what we wear, to who we are around, to our careers, to our children, to our families, and etcetera. The support from one woman to another creates a certain level of confidence, pride, and understanding across the board. I enjoy seeing a woman creating her lane and going for her dreams. I enjoy and admire seeing a group of women with that mentality even more.




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